other wildlife

Central and Eastern European Wildlife  (Bradt, 2008, ISBN: 1 84162 231 1)

A guide to the region’s major animal species, and where and when to see them. Illustrated with many stunning photographs.

Our main interest lies in birds, however when out birding we do not neglect the other animals we come across.


We are very aware of the importance of diversity in species and habitats and, upon request, we can guide you in search of non-bird targets whether they be mammals, herps, butterflies, dragonflies, indeed all wildlife.


Mammals include European Beaver, Common Suslik, Roe Deer and various bats. Amphibians we often see include Fire Salamander, Fire-bellied and Yellow-bellied Toads, Green Toad and a range of frogs including Agile, Tree Frogs and Moor Frog, the males of which turn blue in spring. Reptiles include Pond Terrapin, Eastern Green, Sand and Wall Lizards and Grass Snake. Hungary is rich in butterflies and moths, and in summer up to 100 day flying species can be seen in a week.



For more on the wildlife of Hungary, the following two books are recommended: Central and Eastern European Wildlife (Bradt) and Pocket Guide to Tracks and Signs (Bloomsbury).

Pocket Guide to Tracks and Signs (Bloomsbury, 2014, ISBN 978-1-4729-0986-2)

Where to find and how to identify the evidence left by over 40 European animals, with informative text and colour photographs.